Welcome to Millers Bistro, Where good home cooking and wholesome nutritional food is what we do best.

As we are all well aware, life is busy.  We have to work and many of us have families which have activities after school and work.  Many have a hard time  to ensure that our families are provided with the wholesome and nutritional foods that we all need.

Well our Bistro is a start!  We offer wholesome and nutritional home baked goods in which your family will enjoy and benefit from.  Our baked breads are made with all natural ingredients and offer a good nutritional benefit to all who enjoy them.  As well we have a line of vegetarian (non-vegan) items that will supplement meat for those that are looking for a more natural alternative.

Millers Bistro was created by Myron Miller.  As a cancer survivor he has spent the past 15 years researching quality nutrition and the benefits it offers each of us. Throughout his journey he came to an understanding of something pivotal in our lives to which many forget.  Some of the most nutritious and healthy food we can eat is simply the food we prepare from scratch for our families.

Like his grandmother would say "The best food you can eat is the food you cook yourself.  Because you know what is in it."  This holds true to this day.  With all the commercialization of fast food, and ready to eat meals, no one really understands exactly what they are eating.  Therefore, as Myron conducted his research and made changes to his nutritional diet he came to realize that a good hot home cooked meal provided him with the nutrition that is unforeseen in the many fast food and ready to eat products in the market today.  

In addition, to his research he enjoys cooking and baking.  This cannot be said for all of us.  So he decided to share with you the benefits of healthy nutrition with a variety of homemade products which he makes with all natural ingredients.  

Please take a look and try us out.  You will be surprised at how good home cooked natural food really is.