Update: September 5, 2015

What a beautiful time of the year. Fall has arrived and with it comes the cooler nights, the beautiful color change of many leaves on the trees and of course everything pumpkin. From our favorite muffins, breads, and cakes to the new fancy drinks at our local coffee shops. Pumpkin and the fall have become second it seems to Christmas. So for the next couple of months here at Millers Bistro, we will be whipping up a variety of pumpkin treats. Breads and muffins as well as those ever so tasty pies. From our kitchen to yours, happy Thanksgiving.

Update: August 17, 2015

Our Master Baker has been busy again in the kitchen.  With the increased orders and requests for our famous sour dough he decided to embark on a new adventure to create yet another quality bread which has been the talk of the town.  We are now introducing three varieties of sour dough.  Whole Wheat, Multi Grain and the traditional White.  All these breads can be made in the form of sandwich loaves or dinner and sandwich buns.  In addition at the request of many clients we also make them in baguette style as well.
Give us a call or message us on Facebook or email direct for your next order of sour dough bread.